A business with a clear strategy

Alphamin is a pioneering tin exploration and mining business with the vision to be respected in the international tin mining sector, unleashing the full profit and potential of its world-class tin asset. Alphamin is a driver of stability in North Kivu with a commitment to regional economic growth.

Alphamin is a mining business with the required expertise to succeed. Alphamin will establish a highly profitable, well-funded, international tin mining business of one of the world’s richest tin deposits. The Bisie tin mine will be a catalyst for political and economic stability in the North Kivu region of the DRC.

Alphamin’s key focus on tin

Core ready to be logged at core yard

  • Exploration and mining of tin from one of the world’s best tin deposit.
  • Supply of tin products, transport and logistics to get the tin product to market.
  • Responsible trading and marketing to meet the growing demand for tin.
  • DRC community involvement and improving conditions in our operational footprint.
  • Moving from a conflict resource to proudly supplying conflict-free tin from North Kivu.

Alphamin’s mission is to prosper in the international tin mining value chain:

  • Establish a sustainable tin mine at Bisie in North Kivu, DRC with quality tin deposits that will yield profitable tin volumes exceeding 9 000 tonnes per annum from 2018, seeking to be a lowest cost quartile tin producer.
  • Operate as a low-cost tin producer, creating value for both shareholders and the community.
  • Supply conflict-free tin to the international marketplace to meet the growing demand for tin.
  • Build sustainable, strategic relationships with communities, investors and industry.
  • Build a balanced leadership structure, management team and workforce that will deliver sustainable stakeholder value.
  • Respect the environment and undertake to mitigate and minimise the adverse impact of our operations.
  • Respect the health and safety of people and harness responsible operational practices.

Core ready to be logged at core yard

Alphamin is values-driven

Alphamin’s operational priorities are well underway:

  • Establish operational capability and prepare for operations to commence on schedule.
  • Establish infrastructure required for mining and marketing of the tin.
  • Investment protocol and cost control to build a low-cost operational tin mine.
  • Build a sustainable business and ensure operational readiness.
  • Communication and engagement with all audiences are well in place and remains a priority.
  • Unlock the potential of the significant benefit from the Bisie Tin Mining Project.